Gamification May Be The Best Way To Build Customer Loyalty

Gamification May Be The Best Way To Build Customer Loyalty


Retailers from all around the world face the problem of “customer promiscuity”. This is the term used to describe customers who lack loyalty to any one brand or company. Since customer loyalty is the foundation of a growing business, this issue is something that businesses constantly evaluate.

Gamification For Improvement Of Customer Loyalty


In order to combat the problem of customer promiscuity some are turning to gamification. The results are already being felt by some as explains,

This offers a significant argument in favour of the inclusion of gamification in online retail. And evidence certainly appears to back this up – Teleflora, a US florist, reports seeing conversion rate improve by 92% having built gamification into its loyalty scheme, rewarding customers who comment, review and share products on the site and social networks.

What it is that this company is doing so well? They are engaging with their customers and creating an interesting experience. It is something that helps to retain those customers for the future.

Everyone Plays Games

No matter who are you, you have played games at some point in your life. We all do as a matter of keeping ourselves entertained and as a way of spending some time in our day. This is the potential of gamification that businesses are zeroing in on. Since people have already expressed how much they enjoy playing games, companies are reacting.

Games do not have to be full length video games in order to work. They can have a simple design as long as they are challenging. Including enough challenges and objectives will keep players around.

Though this method of retention is different from tactics used in the past, it is proving enormously effective.


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