How To Use Gamification In Mobile Apps

How To Use Gamification In Mobile Apps


Putting the gamification element into mobile apps helps make those apps more appealing. Gamification mobile apps tend to gain more traction with their audiences because of their addictive nature. These applications are hard to put down and serve an important purpose in the lives of the users.

Setting Objectives

The whole purpose that some have for using their apps is to achieve certain objectives on them. This means that apps should be crafted to the wants and expectations of the people who use them. They should have a reason for their existence. It is not acceptable to use gamification simply because others are doing so.


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Maintain Your Identity

Something seems to happen when people start gamifying their apps. Many of them lose their way. They start to branch out their application’s core offerings too much. It often leads to disaster as they end up losing some of the consumer base they worked so hard to build up in the first place.

The purpose of gamification is to be a means of enhancing an application, not changing the face of it. Keep this in mind if you decide to explore the idea of gamification.

Players Will Not Wait For Big Rewards

A common misconception made by those who create a new gamification app is that players are playing for a big reward. It is often believed that somehow players are interested in staying around for a large accomplishment. In reality, most are usually interested in getting some quick and easy rewards to start before they determine if they will continue to play.

App creators would be wise to make at least some of their objectives easy to accomplish. Giving those quick rewards pays off in the long run as players are more keen to stick around for the larger rewards that are yet to come.


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