Health Games Research: Leading the Way for Gamification in Health

Health Games Research: Leading the Way for Gamification in Health


From casual smartphone gamers to hardcore console and PC elitists, almost everyone plays games. It comes as no surprise then that with the popularity of games on an upward slope, groups have come together to develop games that can support learning, reflexes, and peace of mind.

The Health Games Research provides scientific leadership and resources to further the development. design, and effectiveness of game technologies that promote health. The Health Games Research team has brought about many interesting and excited health related games, such as:

  • Adventures Aboard the SS Grin – Designed for 3rd to 5th grade students with behavioral problems, SS Grin incorporates a colorful environment and 2.5D perspective to create an engaging and delightful setting. It is designed around the themes and skills of the evidence based SS Grin programs developed by 3-C Institute for Social Development. The game is intended to help players with development skills such as self esteem, communication, and cooperation.
  • Every Body Has A Brain – This game features sixteen brain songs and a website for four to six year olds funded by grants from the National Institute of Mental Health’s Small Business Innovation Research Program. The award winning musical interactive game introduces children to the growing power of their brains.
  • Symptom Scenes – Designed and created by Cilein Kearns Symptom Scenes uses a cast of adorable characters to differentiate between the symptoms of Meningitis and Septicaemia. Meningitis and Septicaemia are two deadly diseases that can kill in hours; it really is a race against time to recognize the symptoms and get to hospital. People of any age can be affected, and it can happen anywhere so knowing the symptoms is very important. Why should information be boring?
  • Pain Tricks – A colorful and fun collection of tricks to make medical procedures seem less scary! Teaches simple tricks to be used while in pain or having a medical procedure done, such as an injection. Created to ease the stress of someone with a chronic disease whom will be experiencing many medical procedures throughout their lives. For adults too!

Truly, like traditional videogames, it has nowhere to go but up. For more information about gamification and its uses in the medical field, feel free to contact us for more information.

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