Gamification Review Part III: Why Kotex’s Mis Momentos Campaign Succeeded

Gamification Review Part III: Why Kotex’s Mis Momentos Campaign Succeeded


The Future of Cutting-Edge Engagement & Loyalty Programs

Part 1 and Part 2 of this gamification review series.

Mis Momentos is an exceptional case-study in the power of cutting-edge community engagement, choice-based campaign design, cumulative participation, and empowerment of individual voices – all towards driving stronger brand positioning & increased sales.

To design world-class community engagement & customer loyalty campaigns, you need to deliver compelling interactive activities, games, contests, and programs that not only establish a rich user experience but also inspire exploration, discovery, and meaningful choices. A lot of “gamification” experts claim they can magically resuscitate disengaged communities by slapping a few badges & points around. But we’ve seen this approach fail miserably and repeatedly.

If you’re asking how to “trick” people into doing things, you’re asking the wrong question!

Success required a human-oriented approach, applying tested & advanced gameplay design models, and facilitating iterative & ongoing refinements. But success doesn’t arise from good intentions. It requires expertise in unraveling and supporting the complex and dynamic art of community engagement.

Kimberly Clark Mexico’s investment in the Mis Momentos campaigns for the Kotex brand has now resulted in a very accomplished, flexible, and cost-effective platform capable of easily & affordably supporting an unlimited number of subsequent – or even continuous – campaigns across its entire brand portfolio. Best of all, they can now build upon the existing participating community members, technical infrastructure developed, and operational knowledge gained from the two campaigns, helping drive further customer engagement, loyalty, participation, brand sentiment, and sales, while bringing the future cost per customer interaction and CPM down.


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