CataBoom: Sparking Brand Loyalty with Rewarding Games

CataBoom: Sparking Brand Loyalty with Rewarding Games


CataBoom Integrates Reward-based Games for Marketing Campaigns

Consumers aren’t exactly brand loyal as they were years ago. Consumers evaluate how a product or service benefits them on multiple levels. They are savvy buyers and have access to a lot of information to help them make their choice. A Texas-based company called CataBoom offers tools to integrate reward-based games in marketing campaigns. Through gamification, consumers discover new ways to benefit from engaging with a brand.

CataBoom focuses on rewarding consumers when they engage with brands online. Their digital platform includes tools for businesses to create games with grand prizes, guaranteed prizes, and other rewards. The platform offers options to create landing pages and other important digital assets as part the gamification process. They offer Click & Go or Customizable options as part of the wide range of choices available. The company’s products work with how consumers search for products and discover benefits. Audiences can interact with the games in easily accessible formats, such as through social media, text, and e-mail. CataBoom’s tools also work with Twitter, Facebook, and mobile apps.

According to articles in the Dallas Business Journal and, CataBoom’s reward programs are closely aligned with Pavlov’s studies on classical conditioning. Audiences may be rewarded monetarily, but may also be rewarded in other ways, such as through content. Just like a lottery, the company suggests having a guaranteed prize. Audiences can click on links to learn about chances to win prizes, and enter to win by engaging online in specific ways.

Integrating instant gratification in marketing campaigns through games gives people more ways to interact online. Customer rewards games integrate into various tech platforms and are adjustable to suit people’s behaviors online. CataBoom’s games include large and small rewards, depending on the marketing campaign. For example, someone might win a $100,000 grand prize, or a small prize, such as $2 of their next purchase.

While some people still enjoy clipping coupons, gamification makes rewards large and small more interactive. As people seek ways to save money or find incentives, reward-based games add intriguing new dimensions to brand preferences. Games in digital marketing may just become the wave of the future when it comes to generating customer loyalty.

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