Learning to Code Through Gameplay with CodinGame

Learning to Code Through Gameplay with CodinGame


CodinGame Offers Computer Language Learning through Playing Games

More and more young people want to learn how to code. However, it’s a challenge to keep students engaged with the learning process. Programming involves extensive practice and problem-solving skills. Online learning platforms with gamification features are popular resources for learning to code at home.

People seeking to learn about computer science, coding, and UI/UX topics earn fun digital awards on educational sites such as Treehouse and Khan Academy. These platforms offer badges, levels, and other types of recognition. Students earn this recognition through watching educational videos, passing exercises or taking quizzes. They then see their badges or awards on their user profiles, which they may share with others.

An TechCrunch article describes a new platform called CodinGame from France, which goes beyond badges and turns programming into an actual game. This website gives students challenges that they must pass in order to advance in the game. These games motivate students to keep learning and challenging themselves, while also having fun.

Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of CodinGame is the wide array of coding languages to learn through games. Students have their pick of over 25 languages to sharpen their skills and learn new semantics. In its brief lifespan, over 350,000 people have signed up. CodinGame has also received a significant amount of funding, so it will be exciting to find out how the platform evolves.

Gamification is a fun way to learn complex topics. It’s a much-appreciated supplement to textbook learning and classroom lectures. Through gamification, many students pick up coding quickly and practice their skills at their convenience. To learn more about ways gamification is changing the way people learn, keep browsing our site.

Credit image: Pixabay