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A Unique New Immersive Environment Perfect For Game Based Learning

A new tactile, highly immersive and gamified approach to education has been created by a British company, 4D Creative. The concept combines wireless LED lighting, a Bose sound system and large-scale projection, all operated via an iPad. Images can be projected on the walls of self-inflating pods that students enter. The system can be set [...]

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Scientists Turn Game in Education Into Immune System Lesson

The human body’s immune system works as a complex network whose different parts coordinate to fight off a wide range of threatening pathogens. But educators run into challenges bringing textbook teaching about the immune system to life. Ink and paper just don’t do justice to explain the complexity and the interactivity of the immune system [...]

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Gamification in Education with Bron Stuckey

Last time, we featured Innovative Educational Ideas(IEI) director, Bron Stuckey in discussing about the current perceptions of gamification and the growing number of recent gamification initiatives by educators in the education space.

Watch the full interview below to learn about:

  • What are the two underlyings view of using of gamification in education?
  • Are there tensions between gamification and game based learning?
  • How gamification could serve as a tool to reimagine current practices and go beyond superficial changes.
  • Does the uncertain nature of gamification discourage educators from trying to explore and use it?
  • Recommendations for educators who just started out applying gamification
  • What does commercial success of tools such as Minecraft entail for gamification in education?

Watch the video below and be sure to catch our next episode of the Gamification Revolution.

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Meeting Common Core standards with Gamification Mobile Apps

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, common core state standards are now a reality for most teachers. The standards are designed to insure students have the foundation to think critically and meet the rigorous demands of college. There’s also an impetus to make sure schools are preparing kids to compete in a global marketplace. Teachers often [...]

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Developing a Generation Of Winners

“It turns out video games are just a Trojan horse for studying interest-driven learning” – Constance Steinkeuhler Jesse Schell lead the development of an educational game called Lexicawith the goal of developing life-long habits of reading in children. Lexicais set up as an action game, and in order to progress in the video game the [...]

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How Using Games in Education Can Make Difficult Subjects Approachable

Sarah Lawrence College is not known for its sciences programs. A liberal arts school with a reputation of being a haven for artists and writers, even the brochures keep mentions of the natural sciences to a minimum. And yet it is here that I took one of the most interesting and engaging science classes in [...]

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How Serious Games Educate World Views (Plus Tips For Developers)

Last month the International Conference on Serious Games took place in South Africa, an entire conference dedicated to this influential and rapidly growing area of gaming. Among other keynote speakers and various workshops, Dr. Ernest W. Adams discussed how serious games aid in understanding the world. Dr. Adams is the head of the International Games Developers [...]

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Expand Your Geography Knowledge with Google Smarty Pins

Make something fun, and everyone is willing to play. The gamification of apps and teaching makes it more palatable for nearly everyone. It has been an-up-and coming trend, with games taking a more serious and education tone. Schools are increasingly investigating ways to enrich their content through games. Google Smarty Pins It was only a [...]

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SimCityEdu Pollution Challenge Teaches Sustainable Growth

Education Through Playing – Without The Exam Education Week recently reported that a version of the popular SimCity computer game geared to students, dubbed SimCityEdu (@SimCityEDU), has been released. Unlike many computer games in education, SimCityEdu has an embedded evaluation system that allows teachers to track students’ understanding of what the game is trying to teach. [...]

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The SMART Playbook Will Teach Your Kids The Basic Social Etiquette

Learning Manners Has Never Been More Playful While gamification has already made for some profitable business marketing ventures, the concept is also being applied to a variety of other mediums and outlets. As it turns out, books also provide some wonderful opportunities for games in education. The SMART Playbook: Game-Changing Life Skills for a Modern World [...]

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