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Education Games and Gamified Education: Is There A Real Difference?

With both games and gamification becoming more popular in the educational space, it is more important than ever to understand the differences between them. While they may seem very similar, they have different costs, implementations and, most importantly, different results. This is because educational games do something that gamification systems do not: they immerse the [...]

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Gamified Education Includes Training For Teachers

It’s Mission Possible for 1:1 iPad Use at BHS Think games in education, and the first to come to mind are those for students. However, gamification is also being employed to advance educators in their profession. Consider Mission Possible, a gamified experience developed at Bettendorf High School in Iowa to promote the implementation of 1:1 iPad use [...]

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The Counting Kingdom Teaches Math Through Play

Kids Solve Math Problems By Saving Castles From Monsters A company called Little Worlds Interactive (@LittleWorldsInt) has just launched a new Math game called The Counting Kingdom that combines a fantasy role playing scenario with game-based learning to help young students develop addition skills. As anyone who remembers early school, the one exercise that always seemed [...]

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The Relationship Between Customer Loyalty and Data-Driven Decisions: Lessons from Punchtab

During our coverage of GSummit 2014, we sat down with Robyn Hannah (@robynhannah) from Punchtab to discuss the relationship between their company’s approach to customer loyalty implementations and how data driven decisions are baked into their formula. Robyn Hannah, Vice President for PR and Communications at PunchTab, a technology platform enabling brands to engage their customers and gain actionable [...]

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Wikistrat’s International War Games Bring Crowd-Sourced, Gamified Solutions to Geopolitical Issues

Daniel Green, co-founder and CTO of Wikistrat, spoke at GSummit 2014 on an intriguing topic: How Gamification Motivates All Age Groups: Or How to Get Retired Generals to Play Games Alongside Students and Interns. Wikistrat, a crowdsourced consulting company, leverages a worldwide network of experts from various industries to solve some of the world’s geopolitical [...]

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MIT Video Game Uses Crowdsourcing to Successfully Map the Brain

Join 130,000 People from 145 Countries Already Helping Neuroscience Those who think that scientists are all work and no play haven’t met MIT scientist Sebastien Seung (@SebastianSeung). In his quest to map the cells in the mammalian retina, he launched the EyeWire online game (@eye_wire). The game was first announced in late 2012 when Seung launched it [...]

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Gamifying Open and Closed Systems

Tailor Gamification to Different Types of Systems Understanding systems theory is crucial for designing successful educational and enterprise projects. There are two basic types of systems: open and closed. Closed systems are relatively stable, highly constrained and consist of repetition. In business, an example of such systems is manufacturing. Engineering metaphors work in these systems. Efficiency and [...]

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Brazilian Taxi Drivers Learn English Before World Cup With Voxy

Learn English By Reading Your Tweets And The News While children start learning their first language with basic words, more research is showing that adults learn a new language faster when they start with relevant words and phases used in their everyday conversations.  Game-based learning can help stimulate the mind to recall these new words and [...]

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GCo Revisits The Gamification of Parenting

GAMIFY YOUR GROUNDED KIDS’ WAY OUT The weekend has come, and parents of young kids know what that means: no escape from the kids for two days! To help you manage we’re revisiting the concept of the gamification of parenting. The Huffington Post recently reported on a mom who designed her own gamification methods to ground her kids. [...]

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Flow Versus Deliberate Practice in Designing Player Engagement

“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.” - Dan Gable I have noticed that the terms “flow” and “deliberate practice” are being used interchangeably in the gamification community. This leads to misinterpretations that I feel should be addressed. The term “flow” is one of the [...]

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