Ball State Achievements: Improving Learning Outcomes and Student Retention

Ball State Achievements: Improving Learning Outcomes and Student Retention


Gamified Mobile Application Helping Students Stay and Succeed at Ball State University

Last time, we featured Ball State University Achievements program coordinator, Scott Reinke to talk about the university’s student engagement app, Ball State Achievements. Developed in-house, the mobile application helps at-risk students engage with the university ecosystem and improve learning outcomes in higher education.

Watch the full interview below to learn about:

  • Why did the team chose a mobile platform to deliver content to its target audience?
  • What were the results since the program’s launch? Were there findings that surprised the team?
  • How did the team designed the actionable tasks found on the platform?
  • Why did the team not rely on extrinsic rewards such as prize money and gift cards to incentivize user actions?
  • What were the challenges for creating a gamified solution for a higher education setting?
  • What is the team’s vision for the future? Would this type of gamification platform be scalable for a larger higher education ecosystem?

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