Welltok Gamifies Employee’s Journey to Wellness

Welltok Gamifies Employee’s Journey to Wellness


Welltok’s Gamified Wellness Platform Offers Customizable Health Programs

It’s not an easy road towards achieving wellness for working adults. With day-to-day obligations and distractions, health is an afterthought for many. Strategies to create incentives and tracking methods are widely discussed but rarely implemented. However, gamification may change the way people view improving their health.

As discussed in articles in The Denver Post and Forbes.com, the start-up Welltok has gained significant attention. It seeks to motivate users, such as employees of companies, to make choices that improve their health. The start-up works with companies and insurers to customize its programs. For example, the platform provides specific ways for people make better diet and exercise choices. It also offers rewards for achievements, including real prizes, such as cash. Part of the goal of this platform includes reducing the costs associated with unhealthy employees for employers and insurers.

More specifically, the Welltok website shows options for companies to browse, such as a personal health itinerary and a CafeWell rewards program. The site discusses potential cost savings in high-value, budget-friendly incentives for users. The programs also available through Welltok includes a condition management option.

It’s interesting to consider how this and other gamified wellness platforms could change the way people view their health. If people receive online coaching and incentives towards healthier, more balanced lifestyle choices, this could dramatically change our culture. This platform may work towards encouraging user responsiveness, and could use data to custom-tailor programs. In the future, wellness apps for kids may become available, in addition to the gamified health apps for adults.

Welltok has received millions of dollars from investors over many years, and interest in creating high-value health platforms continues to grow. Through measuring data and providing real incentives, these gamified approaches may work well to improve people’s lives and health outcomes.

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