Angry Birds Peace Treaty Goes Viral

Angry Birds Peace Treaty Goes Viral


Though we usually don’t discuss capital-G-Games at the Gamification Blog, sometimes the social/political effect of those games can be worth noting.

Few titles have been as successful and addictive as iOS game Angry Birds, and unlike banal “game satire”, AB has affected enough people worldwide to warrant comedic spoofs. I think it’s a sign you’ve really made it when truly funny people are inspired by your work. Here then is a hilarious sketch from an Israeli comedy show that uses Angry Birds as a context for talking about middle east peace.


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  1. Gabe,
    I challenge you to come up with a gamification plan/solution to solve our problems here in Israel,what do you say?
    will points and badges would cut it?

    Btw I read your book in the last few weeks and it inspired me on how to use gamification for coaching athletes,I shared those thoughts yesterday in the e10 conference here in Tel Aviv during my talk in the conference.
    so thanks for the inspiration and the great book..

    Roei Yellin,