Gamification Articles on ZDNet and Gamezebo

Gamification Articles on ZDNet and Gamezebo


There’s been an amazing amount of press surrounding the Gamification Summit and my philosophies around gamification in general. Libe Goad gave a great shout out in her recent post on ZDNet called “Can FarmVille make dealing with the IRS more fun?” She quotes from my recent radio interview with Lisa Osbourne of KFWB radio in Los Angeles and mentions a bit about the Gamification Summit.

I was also interviewed for this piece by Joel Brodie of Gamezebo where I share web-based and “real world” examples of gamification, how it can solve major problems in education and healthcare, talk a bit about gamification backlash, the Gamification Summit and even get to brag a bit about my awesome cooking skills!

I’d also like to thank Jane Tabachnick for this very flattering blog post, “Why You Should Be Using Games To Grow Your Business – Intro to Gamification”, where she credits me for inspiring her to gamify her start up Moozly!

The Gamification Summit is exactly 2 weeks away! It’s getting a lot of attention and will surely sell out. Register now to guarantee a space!


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