Gamification on BBC World Service: Digital Planet Podcast

Gamification on BBC World Service: Digital Planet Podcast


Gabe Zichermann was a guest today for BBC World Service Podcast: Digital Planet with Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompson on the social media episode. Gabe chats with Gareth and Bill about what makes a successful loyalty program, whether or not we should be concerned with over-saturation with gamification and, of course, how excited he is about the Gamification Summit this Thursday!

You can listen to the podcast episode in its entirety here or even skip right ahead to hear Gabe in chapter 4.

If you’d like to hear more of Gabe’s ideas on gamification and learn from other top thought leaders in the industry but missed your chance to get a ticket for GSummit, you’re in luck! Register with to get access to live streaming coverage of the Gamification Summit. It’s the next best thing to being there and a day of learning you won’t want to miss! Register now!


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