Samsung Among the First to Innovate with Badgeville’s Behavior Platform

Samsung Among the First to Innovate with Badgeville’s Behavior Platform


Last week, Samsung was among the first to announce integration of Badgeville’s new behavior platform in Samsung Nation. Samsung has put their weight behind the rollout. Rather than gamify one marketing campaign or a single product site, the company brought gamification into the forefront and integrated the new features throughout the US corporate site. Leaderboards, badges, and points head up the site’s new features, but behind the scenes lies Social Fabric, Badgeville’s new platform for delivering relevant, real-time social experiences tied to site-specific user behaviors.

With missions like register and review Samsung products, Samsung Nation aims to tie together the already bubbling Samsung community with game mechanics and social leaderboards. “We created Samsung Nation as another way to demonstrate to these enthusiasts that we appreciate their loyalty and interest. This platform will help us better recognize and empower this online community of passionate advocates while they discover everything has to offer,” said Kris Narayanan, VP of Digital Marketing.

Samsung Badges

Samsung Nation not only benefits the company’s already enthusiastic community. As part of Badgeville’s Social Fabric, released at TechCrunch Disrupt this September, the real value comes from the analytics platform. Other top companies have also started to use the behavior platform for enterprise, including Deloitte Digital, PayPal, eBay’s X.Commerce, CA Technologies, and Rogers Communications.

The behavior graph is based on the open graph protocol and provides the tools to track user actions on site, giving an in depth look into how users interact with the site and with each other. The value of gamification has proven itself in motivating user actions, and Social Fabric is structured to keep track of those actions and allow for the fine tuning of not only the gamification elements but also provides insight into attitudes towards core products and experiences.

The fusion of social media and gamification is continuing to pick up speed. Badgeville began with a more linear gamification platform and has since developed social analytics. Other companies have come from the other direction, such as Gigya which got their start in social media management but recently developed a gamification platform.

The fusion of social and gamification is a great fit. After all, it has only been in the past three decades where the image of “games” is one person in front of a TV or a computer. But in the millennia before that, games have been social, shared by a group of friends at a table. Samsung Nation grows from this human propensity to play.


  1. Excellent program. I’ve tried it and even wrote a product review for the first time in my life!!! I was never really motivated before but in order to get new badges I had to try things I would have never done. I only did it for ~1 hour but there were some guys who must have been doing it for more than 30 hours. This is much better than sweepstakes as more people are engaged.

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