GSummit Speakers: SAP’s Mario Herger and the Diabetic Tamagotchi

GSummit Speakers: SAP’s Mario Herger and the Diabetic Tamagotchi


Mario Herger of Gamifcation-Enterprise and SAP recently gave a workshop in which he and a couple other SAP employees thought of some new applications for gamification. One SAP employee blogged about how his group came up with a way to gamify solutions for problems. One issue they worked on was how to motivate diabetics to do their insulin injections. They came up with a Tamagotchi concept; users would have to set a schedule and inject their insulin accordingly.  Each successive and timely injection will feed the virtual pet and allow it to grow, whereas failing to do so will kill the pet. I find an integrated virtual pet and blood glucose monitor would be an excellent idea for diabetics, so kudos to Mario Herger and Moshe Naveh’s team for the cool concept.

Want a gamification workshop of your own?

Mario Herger will also be speaking at our own GSummit and will be hosting his own enterprise gamification workshop for those looking to create new and innovative gamification solutions. Act quick if you are interested because these workshops sell out quickly. Below is Mario’s speaker profile:

Mario Herger is a Senior Innovation Strategist at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, California and global head of the Gamification Initiative at SAP. He has worked in the past on a series of new SAP products and drives several communities around innovative topics at SAP. He has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Vienna University of Technology and an undergraduate degree in International Business Management. He recently played through all levels of the iPad game Air Attack and currently works with his four year old son on reaching the final level of Angry Birds


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