Gamification Roundup – March 19, 2012

Gamification Roundup – March 19, 2012


This week on the Gamification Roundup we have big news from Bunchball and their game-changing introduction of their new Flamethrower platform. Other game changers include Zeebox’s social-TV rolling out onto the states later this year, the UVA Bay Game that organically fostered great collaborations, and a scavenger hunt created by three librarians that’s changing the way students approach library research. Check out the full roundup after the jump

BunchBall Going for Gamification 2.0 – VentureBeat, March 13

In an effort to revolutionize the gamification world, BunchBall is rolling out a new version of their gamification platform to provide customized gamification features and layers for each unique visitor. Users of the new version, codenamed Flamethrower, will be able to establish filters for visitors to make personalized rewards and customized missions. BunchBall is taking gamification into the next logical level – totally unique and customized experiences. As more industries continue to adopt gamification, the ability to create a unique experience will be extremely valuable.


UK’s Zeebox Tries the US Gamification Market– MocoNews, March 15

After seeing strong success in the UK, social-TV startup Zeebox will be launching in the USA in Q2 of this year. Zeebox is an iPad and iPhone application that will combine a social-media environment into television broadcast shows. Broadcasters will also be able to use this same platform to embed gamification features, advertisements, and additional information about the show currently being viewed. Garnering over 300,000 users in the five month period since its introduction, Zeebox has presented its value well and has recently secured a £10 million investment. The founders Ernesto Schmitt and Anthony Rose also made an interesting comment about gamification, believing the concept to be “fundamentally American”. Will Zeebox prove their hypothesis to be right?


Green Gamification from SXSW – TriplePundit – March 14

SXSW had a “Gaming the Environment for Positive Change” panel this past week. Phillip Cousteau, co-founder of Azure Worldwide, brought up the University of Virginia Bay Game. The UVA Bay Game is a large scale multiplayer simulation of Chesapeake Bay in which players make various decisions that impact the health of the bay’s land and water. Originally intended to simply educate users about interconnected systems, the game achieved something wonderful: users began to collaborate in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. The UVA Bay Game is an excellent example on how games foster collaboration and for purposes of social good nonetheless.


Scavenger Hunt Idea Earns Librarians High Praise – Library Journal, March 13

Three librarians from North Carolina State University have earned an innovation award for the development of the NSCU Libraries Mobile Scavenger Hunt. The program is intended for first-year students to become oriented with the NSCU library system. Students will have to make use of Evernote and iPod Touches to record and send various objectives to librarians in order to achieve scavenger hunt objectives. The beta trial showed excellent results: over 900 students participated and 93% of them reported having learned something new. Scavenger hunt orientations might just be the key in banishing awkward ice breakers.


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