Exploring Ancient Rome through Minecraft

Exploring Ancient Rome through Minecraft


Awhile back, I reported on one educator’s vision of using Minecraft to educate children about history. For those who don’t know, Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game that allows players literally create and explore anything their heart desires. One especially dedicated group of people has actually recreated a scale version of Ancient Rome in this game. The implications of Minecraft as an educational tool are astounding when one  considers how much detail can go into a world.

Here are some highlights from the album:

A functioning Circus Maximus that players can race around in


The Roman financial district, featuring the Trajan Column


A fishing station, with a view of the Parthenon on the left


It is absolutely incredible how much detail people put into these worlds. Because Minecraft grants the ability to explore these detailed places in the first person, it could be very well be the best way to literally explore history. Minecraft has actually just sold over 9 million copies across multiple platforms and is becoming quite the gaming sesnsation. Educators should keep an open mind when looking for a new way to teach some history, math, engineering, or anything they can think of, realy. This Ancient Roman recreation is only one of thousands of incredibly detailed worlds that can be accessed by anyone.

Check out the Minecraft Wiki to learn more about this game or even give the free version a try. Kudos to pinebenj3 of Reddit for the submission!


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