Fantastic Delites Vending Machine Game Shows Awesome Engagement

Fantastic Delites Vending Machine Game Shows Awesome Engagement


Australian snack company Fantastic Delites set up a self-managing vending machine game that challenged onlookers to earn a free snack. From pressing a button 1000 times to dancing in front of a camera, it seemed like everyone was willing to play with the vending machine to earn a prize. Check out the video below to see it in action:


It is really fascinating to see that one person was actually willing to hit a button five thousand times for a box of free snacks. In thinking about what drew onlookers to the machine, the free snack was a small prize compared to the group experience of interacting  with a fun vending machine. Kudos to Clemenger BBDO for designing the machine.

via PSFK


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  1. I will start a noobie discussion on Friends, Fun, and Feedback, as they relate to this vending machine.
    Friends – Friends could be there with you, is this one a no brainer?
    Fun – The visual and audio experience provided by the machine seemed fun to me… but what about the first man who passed up on the opportunity?
    Feedback – A huge amount of feedback that I see. Every button press, and then the big payout of free snacks.

    • Regarding your second point, fun is something that could only be had voluntarily. So of course, to have fun, you must choose to play!