How Gamification will Rule the Business World

How Gamification will Rule the Business World


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In today’s market spaces, everyone is focusing on user and fan engagement. For startups, strong fan engagement is a great indicator of a promising start. For established brands, they may want to slowly transition their public image or create a massive movement for more engagement. For companies of any size, it seems that gamification—referring to any number of ways in which businesses try to engage customers and/or employees using elements of game design—is growing at an exponential rate. As every company is interested in influencing and measuring fan engagement, gamification is transitioning from a technology sector sensation to an all-sector home run.

TIME Business listed six reasons why gamification will rule the business world.

1)    Consultants are on the case —Because companies such as Badgeville, Bunchball, We Play exist, expert minds are working on the challenge of fan engagement. These companies are committed to delivering top quality gamified solutions.

2)    Gamification exploits some very basic instincts—Gamification can be boiled down to tracking actions, rewarding/punishing actions, rankings, ratings, and clear rules that everyone can understand. The automatic appeal of gamification to human instincts will make its implementation into business much faster.

3)    Technology makes all things easier —Technology will assist in maintaining the gamified environment so users can spend more time interacting in the environment rather than with the rules.

4)    Boredom! — Human boredom can be alleviated when given certain, fast-paced, competitive interactions. These quick initial interactions will draw interest and use. Quick feedback loops is the key to fixing boredom.

5)    Money isn’t everything — As our TemboSocial article showed, gamified environments can create non-monetary rewards that influence the actions of users.

6)    Fantasy Football—Need I say more? This is the epitome of gamification for sports fandom.

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