Gigya’s new NEXUS Partner Ecosystem Connects Social to Marketing Applications

Gigya’s new NEXUS Partner Ecosystem Connects Social to Marketing Applications


Gigya has announced the launch of their new NEXUS Partner Ecosystem, which will allow their social infrastructure to connect to a large host of marketing services and applications. All the data connected through Gigya’s social infrastructure and gamification services can now be made available on a permission-based system used to fuel automated marketing campaigns.

The NEXUS Partner Ecosystem will be able to connect Gigya’s social metrics into the following four categories right out the gate: Marketing Software (Responsys/Adobe),  Content-Management (WordPress/Drupal), On-site Applications (Disqus/BigDoor), and Web Analytics (Google/Webtrends). Gigya is also offering an open API that will allow anybody to connect to their ecosystem for other existing platforms and services. Essentially, this new partner ecosystem will enable very easy integration of social-login, gamification features, and social metric analysis into a series of platforms. For example, retailers on Gigya’s platform can now quickly integrate Certona’s product recommendation engine and utilize Gigya’s social metrics to target specific groups of users and improve product recommendations.

Gigya’s current growth has been phenomenal thus far as Victor White, senior marketing manager, stated Gigya is on track to triple revenue this year and the announcement of this new partnership ecosystem will likely bolster that claim much further. However, a very curious partnership has emerged from this new ecosystem and it is between Gigya and BigDoor. It would seem that those on the BigDoor platform are now able to connect to Gigya’s social-infrastructure features to analyze and fuel gamification features and interestingly enough if one of the big B gamification vendors are mentioned one would often expect the other two big B’s (Badgeville and Bunchball) to be present but they are clearly absent from this partnership. Badgeville’s existing partnership with Peoplebrowsr is likely the reason for their absence and Bunchball seems to be heading towards enterprise-focused internal gamification.

Those on the lookout for a gamification platform with strong social analytics now have a bit of a bigger selection to chose from with the new NEXUS partner ecosystem. While Gigya, isn’t explicitly a gamification vendor, they are certainly catching up to the status of the big B’s.


It has come to our attention that there is no actual partnership existing between BigDoor and Gigya and that BigDoor’s name had been included on Gigya’s partnership list without their knowledge. Gigya’s site has since been updated to remove BigDoor’s logo from their list.

via VentureBeat


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