Introducing the Gamification.Co Redesign and New Features

Introducing the Gamification.Co Redesign and New Features


Gamification.Co has a brand spanking new design!

If you’re seeing this as a new reader then you should know that GCo has finally gotten a well-deserved refresh in its design since our first post in 2010. We have a number of new features to make your GCo experience much richer, like:

  • The Gamification Buyer’s Guide – An interactive guide that helps prospective buyers to compare gamification companies and vendors to figure out who the best vendor for their needs will be.
  • How to  Get Started with Gamification – New to gamification? Follow the steps here to get started on learning all the basics about gamification and start your path to become a master!
  • Improvements for Events, News, Videos, and the GBase – We made a number of improvements that makes all of our content much easier to read. All our GSummit and Meetups can be accessed in one location, our news can be sorted by category, we have an easy-access page filled with gamification videos and our GBase is easier to navigate for all your gamification research.

We of course will always be continually updating the site with some even more features and improvements and as with any new thing, we will have some bugs here and there. If you spot anything wrong please report it to us through the pink feedback button on the ride side of the page or feel free to tweet us @GamificationCo.

Stay tuned for more gamification surprises in the future (some PBL coming soon!) and a big thank you to all our readers who are supporting us and the gamification movement.


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  1. Great to see you have had and update and this content is certainly helping people everywhere. Keep up the great WORK, I love reading what you are up to, and the amazing examples you share on a regular basis.

  2. I was wondering what PBL system you are using for this site. Is it something that was created custom or is it available elsewhere? I like the look and feel of it much more than Captain Up.