LevelEleven Brings TV Leaderboards to the Office with LeaderTV

LevelEleven Brings TV Leaderboards to the Office with LeaderTV


We first covered LevelEleven for having a gamified sales application for Salesforce and raising $1M for it but this week, they have unveiled a new application called LeaderTV to bring live leaderboards to your workspace via office TVs and monitors.

Designed to support the features of their Contest Builder application, LeaderTV makes Contest Builder scoreboards an important focus in office environments by producing a live visual display for big screen TVs and computer monitors to further help motivate sales, support teams and promote Salesforce adoption. Built in HTML5 using native Salesforce technologies including Visualforce and Apex, LeaderTV leverages responsive design making it capable of displaying Contest Builder leaderboards on a variety of screens.

“Using gamification tactics in enterprise sales environments has proven to be an effective tool for motivating teams to focus on the right goals,” said Carter Lusher, research fellow and chief analyst at Ovum. “Applications like LevelEleven’s Contest Builder are helping organizations incentivize and reward the right behaviors that matter to their business. Adding a public leaderboard via a connected TV is a logical addition as it efficiently leverages social and reputational mechanics. No sales team member walking by the TV will want to see their names at the bottom of the list.

There is a lot to be said about the potential for leaderboards to motivate sales teams but as we’ve seen before, leaderboards are fallible and can work against the system. LeaderTV joins applications like Hoopla to bring leaderboards into the office but how are they perceived by the employee over time? Here’s a demo of LeaderTV in action:

If you’ve ever had to work with a leaderboard in the office – how well has it motivated you? To learn more about LeaderTV, you can go to LevelEleven for more information.


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