SimCity EDU Combines STEM Education and Management Simulations

SimCity EDU Combines STEM Education and Management Simulations


SimCity EDU Takes on STEM Education in the Classroom

Some light-hearted approaches of educating through simulating have been interesting, like the Killer Flu game, for example.  But a new collaboration by Electronic Arts and GlassLab is aiming to take management sim education to the next level, with SimCity EDU.

Coming this March, SimCity EDU will be a special version of the beloved SimCity game designed to teach STEM Education in classrooms. Students playing the game will be able to create learning tools to share amongst their peers. Educators will be able to use SimCity EDU with virtual lesson plans and other games that will adhere to U.S. Common Core standards of teaching, which are standards to provide a consistent approach towards efective college and career preparations.

Lucy Bradshaw, senior vice president and general manager of Maxis at EA, states that SimCity EDU will teach “problem solving skills through imaginative civic gameplay,”.

As I’m sure many people have very fond memories of the older SimCities of days past and the SimCity 2000 image above for my generation, this new collaboration seems to be apart of EA’s strategy to bring SimCity back into the limelight, especially with the recent release of SimCity Social and SimCity 2013 also slated to come out this March.

Nevertheless, SimCity EDU is a refreshing approach to STEM education and is a welcome change in perspective for new students who may not have tried the game before.

Its easy to get lost in SimCity as a disaster simulator rather than a management simulator but I have confidence SimCity EDU will allow students to use Godzilla in such a way that will make them into a scientist (hopefully not a mad one).

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