Bunchball Announces Nitro for IBM Connections

Bunchball Announces Nitro for IBM Connections


Nitro now available for IBM Connections

Earlier today on Bunchball’s blog, the gamification purveyor has announced the release of Bunchball Nitro for IBM Connections. The new Nitro system is the second iteration of Bunchball on IBM’s Platform meant to encourage widespread adoption and usage of IBM’s social collaboration platform.

Some new features include:



  • Pre-built components: Ready-to-use game mechanics, such as pre-populated onboarding challenges, make it easy to introduce gamification to any IBM Connections community. 
  • Achievement center: Users get a consolidated view of their performance and achievements in all of the communities in which they participate.
  • Infinite gamification program options: The module tracks hundreds of different activities that can be used to structure missions and determine user rewards. 
  • Personalized gamification experiences:  Targeted game mechanics allow you to provide unique experiences to each of your IBM communities.
  • Reporting and analytics: Robust analytics help measure the impact of gamification initiatives while gaining greater insight into communities.
  • A robust administrative console: An easy-to-use interface lets managers configure missions, rewards and communities, as well as measure and track the success of their campaigns. 
Nitro for IBM Connections is available today and if you’re at the IBM Connect conference, you can then stop by the Bunchball booth and see a live demo.


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