Wake-up Club Makes the Alarm Clock More Social

Wake-up Club Makes the Alarm Clock More Social


Get Group Alarm Therapy with Wake-up Club

If shaking your phone like a madman wasn’t enough to wake you on those tough mornings, then try joining the Wake-up Club for the PlayStation Vita. The Wake-up Club is a free alarm application that matches you with 12 other random users who all have the same alarm time for a little bit of group motivation.

When the alarm goes off, tapping your personal avatar in the Wake-up Club application will send a notification to everyone in your Wake-up Club to let them know you’re awake. Looking at the virtual room of avatars will show who woke up early and who’s still snoozing away. What’s really interesting is the way the awake people can interact with the snoozers.

Those who really enjoy smashing down on the snooze button will find that it will become more annoying to snooze as more people are awake in the Wake-up Club as the snoozer will have to swipe away the avatars of each people that are away in order to snooze again. The early risers can also put some more pressure on the snoozers by cheering them on in the virtual club (I see intense potential for killer/troll activity going on.)

Wake-up Club also does a good job of record-keeping and allows users to see your waking statistics, like how many times you’ve gotten up within 5 minutes, consecutive successful wake-ups, and average wake-up times.  And of course, the game includes 12 achievements in the form of Trophies to proudly display some of your early-bird accomplishments.

Those with a Vita can access the Wake-up Club going to the date and time settings and making sure the “Set Automatically” option is turned on.

For everyone without a Vita (see: most of us), I would expect some clever developers to be making versions of the Wake-up Club for iOS and Android soon.

via VentureBeat


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