Prominent Gamifiers: Elise Olding

Prominent Gamifiers: Elise Olding


Elise Olding Gives Weight to Those Gartner Statistics

By 2014, more than 70 percent of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one “gamification” quote by Gartner.  You probably just read that quote wrong; reread it! While a significant number of people in the gamification community are quick to reference a variety of Gartner’s gamification quotes, they do not quite mean anything to us right now in 2013. However, one analyst at Gartner has made significant strides in the research field on gamification and has relevant information to share now. Enter: Elise Olding.

Elise Olding is a Research Director at Gartner and focuses on the challenge of transforming businesses with the power of people. Whether it be in the collaborative sphere, organizational change, or general employee engagement, Elise’s research has uncovered some major findings on how to motivate employees. She has worked with clients worldwide and developed hands-on tactics to produce influential changes within organizations.

Many workspaces are showing significant trends of employee disengagement. Elise’s work has shown an effective implementation of gamification can change employee perspective get them motivated again. Come see Elise Olding at GSummit 2013 to see what these tactics are and learn:

  • To use gamification to shift from competition to collaboration to fully engage employees
  • To approach re-designing work to focus on engaging employees
  • Lessons from real-world examples and results
To get a preview on what Elise has to share, catch her as the next featured guest on the Gamification Revolution tomorrow at 1 PM EST on Februrary 14. Watch her live and ask her your own questions about gamification for the workspace.


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