Top Talks for Marketing Gamification at GSummit 2013 SF

Top Talks for Marketing Gamification at GSummit 2013 SF


Marketing Gamification is strong at GSummit

The gamification of marketing is an undoubtedly powerful tool at our disposal and it’s definitely needed now more than ever, according to a recent study. But how can the average organization employ some of these tactics and most importantly, how will anyone know that marketing gamification even works? Luckily, you won’t have to reinvent the test-drive or make people dance in front of a vending machine to find out.

GSummit SF 2013 will have many great sessions dedicated to marketing gamification and here are my top talks you won’t want to miss.


1) Converting Free Users to Paid: Gamification at Autodesk

How do you get people to actually buy software once their free-trial has expired? Make a game!

Dan Shust, VP of ResourceLAB at Resource and Dawn Wolfe, Sr. Manager of Integrated Marketing Programs at Autodesk came together and created a game called Undiscovered Territory for trial users to explore. The game’s great design, entertainment, and education value resulted in a significant increase in trial to paid conversions for the autodesk software. You can expect to learn AutoDesk’s secret to making this special game and gain the insights on how to make a similar game for your own brand.


2) Nurturing and Growing Global Communities: the SAP Example

SAP is one of the global leaders in gamification and they are definitely leading the gamification charge by example in order to engage their enormous community. Mark Yolton, SVP of Digital, Social, and Communities at SAP, has been at the forefront of gamification engagement practices and has successfully used it to drive enormous customer loyalty and engagement. Watch Yolton’s talk to learn how one of the world’s biggest companies is using gamification to market and keep their customers loyal worldwide.


3) Social Selling: Threading the Needle

What if the best way to market your product was not advertising your product itself but getting your employees to perform as best as possible? Morgan Lynch, CEO and founder of startup Needle, created a gamified sales chat platform to encourage workers to perform their best, while using their own social influence to sell Needle’s products. By gamifying the sales proccess, the workers peceived their own products differently and had a bit of healthy competition to deliver a really strong customer experience. During this session, Morgan explains how using gamification with his untraditional online sales support platform has improved productivity and performance, while driving millenial workers in unique and unprecedented ways.

If marketing is your game then you need to be using gamification now. These three sessions are just a few of the marketing gamification sessions you’ll see at GSummit SF 2013. Join us and step up your game!


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  1. Would love to see this all with a non-profit focus. Always amazed at how behind the times the sector is with relation to social media, and assume it will lag in gamification deployments too.