Introducing GFeedback: Free Startup Advice from Gabe Zichermann

Introducing GFeedback: Free Startup Advice from Gabe Zichermann


Free Startup Advice for Our Community!

Startups are a big part of the gamification community because they’re paving the way to a fully gamified future but they’ll still need to existence in the future for that to happen!

That’s why we’re starting a new feature on Gabe Zichermann’s Gamification Revolution weekly online show, GFeedback! We will give one community-voted startup gamification and engagement advice.

The selected startup will get 5 minutes with Gabe: the founder will have to come on camera, present a concept, and ask design questions in 2 minutes and Gabe, with his guests and other show participants, can give feedback on that idea for the following 3 minutes.

To be selected for the GFeedback session, you need to submit your startup name to the list below with a short description of your idea and concept. The community will then have the ability to vote on their favorite ideas by simply clicking on the up arrow to the right of each entry. The entry with the most votes by Monday night at 10 PM EST will be the selected for the free startup advice session.

The first GFeedback Session will take place on  March 7, 2013 and will be recorded and available for future viewing.

We love startups so vote away and we can get this advice party rolling! Submit and vote for your favorite startup in the list below:



Be sure to catch Gabe’s Gamification Revolution every Thursday at 1 PM EST/1800 GMT. We’re looking forward to helping some awesome startups out on their personal gamification revolutions.

Image by Michael Kalus


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