What Are the Legal Issues with Gamification?

What Are the Legal Issues with Gamification?

james gatto

James Gatto Explains Gamblification at GSummit SF 2013

What are some of the legal repercussions in dealing with real money, gambling, and gamification?

Gamblification is a term that we have adopted to describe the intersection of social media and gambling. Although it may not seem like it at first, many Gamification systems walk a dangerous line, giving users the option to gamble with currency in their system. Given the complexity of the legal issues around this concept, it is not always easy to ensure that one does not cross the line. When is gambling in gamified systems ok, and when isn’t it? What are some of the risks you should consider, and what are the basic legal considerations and concerns affecting gamification in general? Join legal expert James Gatto for this fast-paced, crowd-favorite session on some of the key legal issues every gamified system operator needs to know in the video below.

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