Engaging Millennials With Gamification – Gabe Zichermann at TEDxBroadway

Engaging Millennials With Gamification – Gabe Zichermann at TEDxBroadway


The End of the Audience and the Dawn of the Player

Gabe Zichermann (@gzicherm) spoke at the 3rd TEDxBroadway (@TEDxBroadway) in the heart of New York City this year, and we’re excited to share the recording with you! In this talk Gabe explain why Millennials are so incredibly distracted even as they’re extremely proficient with technology. He explains how intrinsic reinforcement, dopamine priming and the winner effect work together to change your and your customers’ motivation. Not all is lost though, even as your audience is always on their smartphones. Gabe gives many examples of successful user engagement with the use of the second screen and game elements. You will learn how to engage modern audiences and how you can decode their DNA to engage them with your content with gamification.

Watch Gabe’s fast-paced, humor-packed TED talk and discover the power of games even for those who don’t usually play them! Share the video with hashtags #gamification, #TEDx and #TEDxBway!

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Gabe is the chair of GSummit, the annual conference where top experts across industries gather to share knowledge and insight about user engagement, gamification and loyalty.

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