Microsoft: The Future of Work is Play

Microsoft: The Future of Work is Play


How Is Work Changing, And What To Do About It

In late 2013, Gabe traveled to 12 cities worldwide for GSummit Global, a series of full-day workshops and meetups to bring GSummit closer to gamification fans. As a part of GSummit Global, we also released 10 new webinars and videos by gamification and engagement professionals. We will be releasing them publicly as we keep counting down to GSummit 2014.

Ross Smith is Director of Test at Microsoft and Skype. He has been at Microsoft for over 20 years and most of his career has been in testing and QA roles, including Test Architect. Ross believes strongly that “The Future of Work, is Play.”

In this fast-paced 18-minute talk, he traces motivation and gameplay from Egyptian pyramids to pre-industrial era to hippy 1970s to the future, and suggests how to manage the new generation analyze workforce and work changes today.

Ross will also be speaking at GSummit 2014  next week in San Francisco along with other 55+ speakers.

Watch the video below and  join us at GSummit next week or register for main-stage livefeed access here and enjoy the GSummit experience from the comfort of your home!


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