What Turning Off The Lights Has To Do With Employee Engagement

What Turning Off The Lights Has To Do With Employee Engagement


Human beings are innovative creatures capable of inventing unique solutions to our problems. This was on display when the utility company “National Grid” used gamification to encourage their customers to save electricity. Cio.com explains,

In Rhode Island, National Grid is piloting a program in which customers earn points based on the amount of energy saved. They can redeem the points at Home Depot, Amazon.com, Starbucks and other retailers, or donate to charities such as the National Park Foundation.

Even doing something as simple as turning off the lights would earn players points. This method was effective at reaching its goal, and it can be used for employee engagement purposes as well.


Gamification Provides The Challenge That Our Minds Crave

The brain is a powerful machine, and it needs fuel. That fuel comes by way of a challenge. When assigned to boring or routine work, the brain shuts down and only puts forth half-hearted efforts. Assigning that same work in a new and exciting way causes the brain to leap into action.

Games created to get us to do our work in more efficient and productive ways are often success at reaching their target. They create the elements that our minds require to get something finished and out of the way.

Receiving Recognition Is As Important As The Work Itself

There is plenty of information to suggest that receiving recognition for our efforts is more gratifying than just getting the work done. Gamification allows for instant recognition of top performers. There is a simple way to track progress and a spark for competition. In short, gamification works at what is already hard-wired into our brains to begin with.

Bringing The Team Together

Finally, its worth mentioning that bringing about more teamwork is another way that companies have reaped benefits from gamification. It is not all about competition or getting the best scores. Sometimes, the games require employees to work together to find a better way to solve the problems.