MilestonePod: Running to Train and Win with Gamification

MilestonePod: Running to Train and Win with Gamification


Training for a marathon feels like a lonely challenge for many runners, quietly logging in the miles. To alleviate this, Milestone Sports is launching a platform called MilestonePod for runners to track their training progress with gamification elements according to MarketWired. Individuals using the platform can track many metrics, connect with others, and compare training progress.

Extending the Social Benefits of an Event 

MilestonePod offers ways to keep track of progress, such as pace and cadence, and form a community in the spirit of preparing for a big running event. Runners will connect with event organizers and stay up-to-date about event details. This new game concept also connects sponsors with athletes. This platform works with the MilestonePod, which clips to the shoe and tracks mileage. The devices also provides athletes with analytical insights on their progress.

Creating a Cool Way to Engage

Marathon runners tend to enjoy the excitement in the air on the day of the event. This platform generates a social buzz that propels or motivates runners. The gamification of marathon training will create a novel collective experience. The platform includes contests, which adds an extra level of friendly competition.

New Inspiration for Athletes through Games

Game platforms offer a new form of inspiration to stay on track or improve a training program. It’s simple to see the connection between athletic competition and online games. Through gamification, individuals become a part of a collective effort towards achieving something great.

It will be exciting to find out how runners benefit from the gamification of race training with MilestonePod. This may increase the relevance of athletic tech wearables, as gamification reaches new fields of competition.

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