Redefining Consumer Market Research with OnePulse

Redefining Consumer Market Research with OnePulse


Growing a New Consumer Research Movement With Consumer Engagement App, OnePulse

“Our guiding principle is to invest in businesses that truly aim to redefine or create a new category, and we are thrilled to work with OnePulse.” explains AngelLab managing partner Kevin Chong, who has joined OnePulse’s board.

With an eye toward international expansion, London-based consumer engagement app OnePulse recently closed a $1.07million seed investment round. Led by D5 Capital, AngelLab and LCIF, OnePulse has already signed over 300 clients looking for on-demand consumer insights. Major businesses and retailers including Aviva, Coca-Cola, and CGA Strategy, look to OnePulse mobile app users for instant responses and feedback.

To its users, OnePulse is an opportunity to get paid for their valuable opinions in a fun way. Gamified features, lifestyle questions, and micro-payments keep the user base highly engaged on both a mobile and web-based platform. Users answer “pulses” from their favorite brands, and gain levels and other rewards by doing so. This disrupts the traditional market research sector and results in some of the fastest response rates in the industry.

Many people do not like to take part in traditional forms of market research, often citing the time commitment demanded for little to no reward. In fact; just over 33% of current OnePulse users state that they do not contribute to any other form of market research. Using consumer’s habitual smartphone use coupled with levels, badges, leaderboards, transparent rewards and direct compensation via Paypal, it empowers users to give honest opinions anonymously without feeling that they are wasting their time and businesses to gain access to real-time responses.

“We have developed a product that means businesses no longer have to rely on assumptions to make in-the-moment business decisions with confidence. For consumers, we continue to redefine the concept of market research with a fun, rewarding mobile application that can be used day-to-day.” states OnePulse (StartPulsing Ltd.) CEO Atul Choudrie.

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