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Gabe’s Gamification Revolution Featuring Richard Bartle


Each week on the Gamification Revolution web show, Gabe Zichermann answers all your burning gamification questions LIVE every Monday at 1pm ET/10am PT/1800 GMT at This week’s show features Richard Bartle, Visiting Professor at the University of Essex and the creator of the Bartle Player Types. Here’s a rundown on some of the topics they spoke about:




  • Why we need to design for player types
  • The controversy of the mere existence of player types vs defining what they actually are
  • Richard’s honest answer on his experience with research defining specific player types for gamification
  • The killer player-type’s  balance within game systems and their susceptibility to explorer-types
  • Richard’s view on designing games for people and how that changes over-time
  • And many more with questions asked live by the audience!
Want to join the conversation? Be sure to catch Gabe’s show live every Monday and appear as a live guest! Remember that you can also press a button in the top right corner of the window to activate user-chat and ask questions by pressing the question button. Make sure you catch next week’s episode, featuring Keith Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of gamification vendor BigDoor


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