Capgemini Partners with Badgeville to create Gamification Division

Capgemini Partners with Badgeville to create Gamification Division

Capgemini and Badgeville Partner Up for New Digital Transformation Division

Even after its recent partnership with Leaderboarded, Capgemini just cant get enough of gamification as evidenced by its new partnership with gamification SaaS provider, Badgeville.

Capgemini has been working with the MIT Center for Digital Business to study investing habits of 400 companies and has found significant investing has gone towards digital transformation of workspaces. As a result, Capgemini has spent the last 9 months working with Badgeville to create a new digital transformation division that will offer gamification consulting for companies and use Badgeville’s platform to power their gamification services.

“Serious businesses cannot ignore the transformative possibilities of gamification across their enterprise,” said Carter Lusher of Ovum Research. “The partnership between Capgemini Consulting and Badgeville signifies two global leaders teaming up to bring these powerful techniques to businesses aiming to modernize their entire employee and customer management experiences.”

The partnership between these two companies is one of the most significant gamification collaborations to have happened for the enterprise thus far. Capgemini’s worldwide network will have the potential to significantly increase worldwide gamification adoption in enterprise as well as provide large amounts of data for further gamification research.

In fact, given Capgemini’s new dedication towards gamification, it would be very interesting to see if Capgemini has plans to gamify their own gamification division to provide gamification. I smell a meme coming on.

via VentureBeat


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