Big Door Opens the Minibar

Big Door Opens the Minibar


Gamification just got so much easier with BigDoor’s new “MiniBar” features. Now even the least tech savvy business owners can add Facebook friendly game mechanics to their site by using the simple tool bar and selecting which ever options they like. It’s just a matter of choosing your widgets and copy/pasting source code into your site and your customers can quickly start earning points and  unlocking badges.

BigDoor CEO Keith Smith boasts that you can “add game mechanics to your site in less than five minutes”. Although this is a good sound bite – and awesome in practice, most agree that gamification requires serious design thought to be truly effective. Of course, these two things are not mutually exclusive – but there might be some risk of market confusion around the right priorities.

Smith assures us that he understands the difference: “5 minute gamification won’t likely be a long-term solution for most websites,” he says in an email, “but the idea is to get initial gamification on your site quickly and easily, see how the community reacts, and then iterate and improve.”

You can watch the demo video right here:

Big Door CEO Keith Smith boasts that you can “add game mechanics to your site in less than five minutes” and they’ve also announced a 70% price reduction. You can hear more of Keith’s game-changing ideas by hearing him speak at the Gamification Summit!


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