Kyra Aylsworth Asks, “Is Gamification the Future of Marketing?”

Kyra Aylsworth Asks, “Is Gamification the Future of Marketing?”

I continue to get a lot of positive feedback about my talk at Mesh Marketing in Toronto last month. Kyra Aylsworth says she learned a lot from my presentation – so much so that it inspired this great blog post about it on I want to thank her for this piece, she clearly has a solid grasp on the principals I’m always touting: the player’s journey, engagement, she even mentions SAPS.
Once again, the slides from my talk can be found here. And if you’re interested in hearing me speak live, along with Amy Jo Kim, Jane McGonigal and other gamification greats, be sure to register for the Gamification Summit!


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  1. Love your site and commentary but have a quick question…

    In terms of gamification, do different categories have more luck in this area? Chips vs pretzels, paper vs vitamins.

    This seems very generic to me…