KPCB’s Top Mobile Internet Trends for 2011

KPCB’s Top Mobile Internet Trends for 2011


Matt Murphy and Mary Meeker, analysts for the leading venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), recently released a research presentation entitled “Top Mobile Internet Trends” for 2011. It  gives a detailed look at how social networking and the mobile web have been booming all over the world, changing the face of media and marketing. The presentation points to the overlap of information sharing, commerce and gaming – gamification – as the combination that is changing behavior and driving revenue. In fact, gamification is referred to as “…the ultimate way to engage a new generation of audiences.”

As our regular readers know, we here at Gamification Co have been predicting 2011 will be the “the year of gamification” for some time. Seeing the same conclusions being drawn by such highly respected analysts for the prestigious firm KPCB only confirms the important role that gamification will be playing in media and marketing the coming months.

It’s a super interesting presentation. View it here to learn more about “the early innings of a massive phenomenon”.


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