Game On by Jon Radoff

Game On by Jon Radoff


Game On, the new book about Gamification by Jon Radoff, is an excellent resource for both technical and non-technical readers interested in tapping into the power of games. The book is written from a unique perspective; Jon is an entrepreneur with the rare blend of experience in creating games and building social media and web technologies. In Game On, he demonstrates how to enhance and transform everything from online apps, consumer and business user experience, and social games and media by using the power and fun of games.

Check out Chris Brogan’s glowing review of Game On. We’ve been impressed with Jon’s work in the field, and his approach and philosophy complement the sentiments that we have about the power to engage players through game thinking and game mechanics. Recently, we started incorporating techniques from Jon’s book into the curriculum for our Gamification Workshops, with great feedback from the audience.

We like his approach so much that we are very excited to have Jon Radoff lead our Gamification Workshop in Boston on June 16.


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