Facebook Gets Gamified with Rypple Loops

Facebook Gets Gamified with Rypple Loops


This week, Facebook announced that after a nine month pilot program, they will be using Rypple for internal review and communication. Facebook is already seen as one of the more satisfying place to work in the tech industry, and Rypple promises that their new service, Loops, will improve upon Facebook’s proven culture. We previously covered some of the gamified elements of Rypple’s products, and Loops is the next step in using gamification and feedback loops to engage employees and provide near real time analytics at work.

Rypple’s tools not only help employees see the impact and agency they have at work, but also contributes towards a more participatory and integrated business culture. With cloud computing heavyweight, Salesforce.com, also getting into the social enterprise arena, the space is beginning to heat up. There are some excellent ideas coming out (check out Salesforce’s Chief Scientist, JP Rangaswami on the topic of gamification in the enterprise if you haven’t already), and Rypple’s use of feedback loops are a promising step towards making work more engaging.

Photo from Wired. Check out their article for more on Rypple at Facebook


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