Exclusive: IActionable Opens Platform to Education and Non-Profits

Exclusive: IActionable Opens Platform to Education and Non-Profits


Today, gamification and engagement platform, IActionable made the announcement that they are opening their service to to educational companies and institutions for free. They are offering their platform with fully enabled feature functions and free basic consulting at no cost to educational institutions and at discount to non-profits. The goal is simple. Education should be a priority, and with education budgets remaining low, IActionable believes their technology can have a serious impact on the effectiveness of education at a low cost the community.

Champion Village BadgesOne of their first partners in the endeavor is Champion Village. The web app is currently in closed beta, but essentially, the service addresses the lack of nutrition and physical education in school programs today. How do you get children to continue with PE after school? What Champion Villages does is create a virtual community for the classroom where they can record their health and nutrition and then compete in order to improve their health and get fit.

Founded last year, IActionable is quickly specializing in many of the verticales ripe for gamification. This is just one of the first organizations to take IActionable up on their mission to improve learning. But on top of their aim towards education, IActionable recently made a push into enterprise with a turnkey gamification solution for SalesForce. There are many shared commonalities between productivity in the workplace and education in the classroom, and IActionable is positioned to benefit from the inter-pollination.

Enterprise may be valuable, but it most likely needs less help than today’s educational environment. As Charlie Besecker, Vice President of Sales at IActionable told us, “There are many ways to make a buck, but for us, education is not one of them. We hope to lead the way for corporate responsibility in our industry.”

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