Weekly Recap: gamification around the web

Weekly Recap: gamification around the web


In gamification this week, we have interesting stories on game mechanics influencing everything; uttering the “G word” at Casual Connect; a new gamified application to help with college applications; and the importance of onboarding in today’s rapidly changing digital envrionment. Also check out today’s Google Doodle in honor of Alexander Calder. I don’t think every digitally interactive feature on the Internet is a game, but it is a mesmerizing toy.

Bunchball’s Catherine Aurelio at TEDx Santa Cruz
Catherine Aurelio is User Experience and Creative Direction Lead at Bunchball, where she has worked on some pretty interesting projects. She describes her work on the James Bond: Quantum of Solace site, and compares it to other great project in gamification such as Zamzee. “We can make great change in the world. When I think about gamification what I think about is the way it can change the way we interact with online content in a very positive way.”


The Dreaded ‘G’ Word: Gamification
Casual Connect took place this week in Seattle. Gamification featured prominently, but also received a fair amount of criticism. Tim Chang, who’s firm recently invested in Badgeville, labeled it the “dreaded G word”. We will have more on Casual Connect next week.


Acceptly Applies Gamification & Intelligence to the College Application Process

Acceptly is a new web application that streamlines the hectic and headache inducing project of applying to college after of high school. A good college advisor is hard to find, but Acceptly hopes to fill that gap by introducing students to schools that they otherwise may not have hear of. Kathryn Favaro, Acceptly community director describes the service, “At Acceptly, we promote finding the best ‘fit’ for each individual student. We have found that students who find the best fit and are most connected with their future college end up reporting the most satisfaction with the college experience.”


Gamification: Why Sites Need to Simplify Social

FastCompany blogger and Gigya CEO, Patrick Salyer, describes the evolution from social media to the need for gamification. If customers are to be introduced to continuously new product offerings, serious consideration must be made to onboarding (the tutorial/beginner stages in any game). “Game mechanics are going to be an integral part of companies’ social strategies for keeping their customers engaged when they’re not on Facebook.”


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