Coke Freestyle Makes Fountain Drinks Fun Again

Coke Freestyle Makes Fountain Drinks Fun Again


Coca-Cola recently announced a multi-media, fully interactive, campaign. Coke Freestyle lets you select your own unique flavor combinations from all of their brands (which I guarantee you is more than you think) and enjoy Coke in a whole new way. First off there is the Freestyle Facebook app, which simulates a vending machine that lets you pick your cup design, mix your drink, even add virtual ice – all with pretty adorable sound effects thrown in for good measure. When you’re done you can name your creation and share it with your friends. The app also has a detailed map of all the locations of the real-life Freestyle machines, and you can request one for your town as well.

Freestyle machines can already be found at hundreds of popular eateries all across the U.S. including Burger King, Jack in the Box, Five Guys, Boston Market, even some diners, drug stores, gas stations and small, local food chains. Coke has set up a YouTube page featuring a video that shows just how easy it is to find, use and enjoy this new feature.

In addition to the machines, there’s also a game app available on iPhone and Android called PUSH+Play. It’s a music-based memory game (think Simon, circa 1980), using the vending interface as the game board. Watch & listen to the pattern the computer plays, repeat it back and hit the “push” button as fast as you can. Accuracy counts as much as speed. Climb the leaderboard, share your scores with your friends and unlock 25 different achievement badges as you go. What makes this game truly clever from a marketing standpoint is the way it reenforces all the right muscle memory to use the new vending machines. Memorize all the different brands, pick your favorite flavors, remember to “Push” to complete, make sure you try all the different kinds in order to level-up…case-in-point: there’s a special achievement that’s unlocked when you use the app’s locator to find a Freestyle location near you.

I used to always mix soda flavors when I was 10-years-old. It made me feel like a mad scientist. Coke has clearly taken a cue from kids and is using it to encourage experimentation and fun while boosting customer loyalty and sincere brand enthusiasm. There’s a lot of success to be had when a company embraces the power of play.

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