Gamifying the Enterprise: Performance- Enhancing Game Mechanics Part I

Gamifying the Enterprise: Performance- Enhancing Game Mechanics Part I


Moderator, Byron Reeves from Stanford University engages panelists, Charlie Kim of NextJump, Obie Fernandez of Dueprops, Mario Herger of SAP, Kes Sampathar of Cynergy, and Maksim Ovsyannikov of Rypple on how large enterprises and innovative startups are constantly seeking ways to attract, retain, train and incentivize their top-performing employees.

Increasingly, they are turning to Gamification as a technique for accomplishing that goal, often with astonishing results. Whether it’s real-time feedback, check out clerks, or 360 degree evaluations with virtual rewards and badges, the innovations just keep coming.

Kim begins by explaining how his company developed a fitness game designed to keep healthcare overhead much lower for the company. By implementing a game whereby employees were awarded points for checking in to go to the company gym as well as given a ranking on a leaderboard, they began going to the gym at a rate of 80% two times per week.

Fernandez talks about the need for virtual high fives and appreciation given via points, virtual karma and challenges.

Herger of SAP threw out a gaggle of Angry Birds to the section of the audience that snorted the loudest. Yes, like pigs. I didn’t catch one. Which made me an angry bird.

HR people aren’t overly “game-y,” points out Ovysyannikov. Games can put meaning back into performance management. As it stands it is often too little, too late. is one example of gamifying how much money a company owes you that is incredibly effective and fun!



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