First Videos Released from GSummit NYC!

First Videos Released from GSummit NYC!


Our last Gamification Summit was a huge success. Taking place September 15-16 in New York City, the Summit brought together top companies, thinkers, and experts in the gamification space for workshops and to share case studies at the cutting edge of gamification. The main stage held keynotes and panel discussions, but some of the best content was in the smaller classroom. In case you missed them or were unable to attend, today we are releasing a few of the top videos from the smaller sessions.

First up, Badgeville’s sponsored session on “Social Meets Gamification“. With an in-depth look at Badeville’s platform, this session introduces the necessary tools for integrating gamification into your product or service. Badgeville shared examples from some of their most successful projects, and included a demo to learn how to increase conversion, retention, time spent on site, and referrals with Social Fabric, their powerful new tool for improving the social user experience.

One of the most well received sessions from the Summit was Aaron Forth’s discussion based presentation on gamified elements in, “Engaging Consumers in Finance”. Aaron proved that tracking finances, managing budgets and saving money can be fun by figuring out a way to not only build an easy-to-use personal finance website, but to attract more than 6 million users in the process. In this session, Aaron, VP and GM of Intuit Personal Finance, shared how has made personal finance fun and engaging through design and gamification, and how other companies can learn from the model.

Alix Levine is director of research at Cronus Global. Her session, “The Games Jihadis Play,” took a unique tact in approaching gamification. Instead of engaging new users in products, her research looks at disrupting the gamified tactics in online communities that focus on extremism and terrorism. Many of today’s extremists interact within a subculture supported by online forums and bulletin boards, and Alix shared a few lessons in the power of gamification as a tool, and the importance of open and ethical use of these powerful techniques.

Rounding up the excellent sessions was James Gatto’s presentation on “Gamification Law: Forumla for Success“. As founder of Pillsbury Law’s Virtual Worlds & Video Games team, James Gatto has unparalleled experience in the rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment. James Gatto shared his expert knowledge of the latest risks, opportunities, and strategies to manage virtual goods, economies, and communities in our gamified world.

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  1. Hi, one thing that I’m hoping to hear more about is the difference between Game Based Marketing and Gamification. I read your book a while ago before “Gamification” became the catchall term. Would you say that Game Based Marketing is a subset of Gamification?

    • Hi Rob,

      Sorry for the video quality. The mainstage has excellent recording via, but if you are looking for more content from these talks, the slide decks are available on SlideShare. I hope these fit your needs!