Gamification at Social Media Week

Gamification at Social Media Week


Social Media Week is a major international event that takes place twice a year. This past week saw NYC flooded with events celebrating and investigating social media across a wide spectrum. Of course, gamification featured prominently in the discussion. In case you missed it, here are some of the gamification apps, slides and videos from the event.

Real-time infographics – showing the social activity around SMW throughout the world, developed by our very own design/strategy agency, Dopamine. Watch it in real-time, just as everyone did throughout the world at SMW.





Live Gamification Q&A with the Guardian. Watch Gabe Zichermann in a live Q&A with the audience and reporters from the Guardian at Big Fuel below:

Gabe Zichermann at SMWNYC courtesy of Humbearto on Instagram


Social Media Week Gamification Keynote.  Watch Gabe Zichermann in his SMWNYC inaugural keynote – Gamification and Innovation – from the hub at Bloomberg. Unfortunately, video is still not available, but Gabe has made his slides available below.

Gabe Zichermann at SMWNYC courtesy of mmartoccia



Green Gamification. Watch experts from Bennu, Recyclebank and others convene at Baruch College to discuss how to use gamification to advance sustainability – a really exciting trend:

Were you at another Social Media Week or did you see other content of note for Gamification professionals? Add it to the comments below.


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