Gamification Roundup – February 27, 2012

Gamification Roundup – February 27, 2012


This week on the Gamification Roundup we are seeing the allure of gamification. BadgeVille makes another strategic partnership with Ant’s Eye View. Two startups and a university use gamification to reach out to prospective employees and students. Even support teams and corporate wellness initiatives are seeing strong reasons to go towards gamification. Read the full Roundup after the jump.





BadgeVille Gets Tiny with Ant’s Eye View

Well actually, BadgeVille is getting much bigger: BadgeVille has announced that it will be joining management consulting firm, Ant’s Eye View in a strategic partnership. Ant’s Eye View will be offering Badgeville’s behavior platform as their recommended technology to provide large scale gamification across enterprise. BadgeVille is already on a hot streak of partnerships, having joined up with BazaarVoice and Klout in the past two months. Who’s up next on the BadgeVille train?


Strong Corporate Wellness is Key to Low Insurance Costs

Despite rising health care costs, one Pennsylvania insurance company is managing to keep their annual cost increases to a mere 2% compared to a national average increase of 8%. According to Stone Hearth News, Penn National Insurance (PNI) attributes the low cost increases to their strong investment in corporate wellness and their use of Destination:You. Destination:You is an activity program by GlobalFit that contains gamification to keep users engaged with physical activity. The article also links to white papers by GlobalFit,  which outline the impact of physical activity on health-care costs when coupled with the strong engagement of Destination:You.


2 Startups Gamify the Recruitment Process

ReadWriteWeb reports on two clever startups and how they used gamification to address their developer shortage. JetPac needed to build an algorithm to measure photo quality and managed to achieve it in three weeks using only Kaggle, a bounty of $5,000 and leaderboards for the contestants. Quixey, a mobile-app search engine, also faced a developer shortage. Co-founder, Liron Shapira came up with the Quixey Challenge that offers $100 to anyone that can solve their coding problem under 60 seconds. Successfully repeat this process eight more times and Quixey will actually hire you as a developer. Quixey is actually looking into outsourcing their system to other startups in the future.


How to Make Your Support Team More Engaged

Blog Software Advice has an interesting article suggesting that gamification could be the key to make support more engaging for agents. The article goes into underlining specific mechanics that should be used to engage agents and even provides hand-drawn mock ups depicting what it should look like. Anyone who wants to see a plausible and well thought out gamification proposal should refer to this article.


Saint Mary’s University Offers $8K to Potential Students using Facebook Game

Canadian news site, Marketing, features a story on how Saint Mary’s University gamified a contest to reach prospective students. Teaming up with advertising agency, Trampoline Branding, Saint Mary’s was able to create a Facebook game allowing potential students to see information about the programs in the school. Anyone who completed the short game was also entered into a drawing to receive $8,000 towards tuition at Saint Mary’s. Score another plus for the Canadian education system!


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