BigDoor’s New Gamified Rewards Program Features an Analytics Dashboard

BigDoor’s New Gamified Rewards Program Features an Analytics Dashboard


BigDoor has begun implementing a new analytics feature which encourages greater user engagement, with a simplified implementation process. The new platform will offer end users incentives for engaging with their websites and help publishers understand Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like loyalty, engagement, viral distribution of content, and revenue in order to gauge the effectiveness of their incentives and actually see how gamification impacts their business.

Among the 25 companies that participated in a November private beta test of the new platform, there was an average boost of 153% in user loyalty and 672% in engagement, CEO Keith Smith said in an interview. “We measure all steps of the user lifecycle. We track it back to the user’s performance. How often are people registering? How often are they coming back? Are they inviting their friends? Are there referrals? What’s the revenue on a per-user basis?” The analytics dashboard which BigDoor provides will be crucial in quantifying the service’s effectiveness for the companies which use it.



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