New Examples of Gamification – May 18, 2012

New Examples of Gamification – May 18, 2012


Hello GCo Readers! Today we have three examples of sporty and active gamification added to our GBase:

  • GolfStatus is a location-based mobile platform that rewards golfers for their achievements, loyalty and influence. GolfStatus also helps golf courses and businesses obtain, engage and retain customers.
  • Winter’s Angry is a gamified advertising campaign by Nike in 2011 featuring reaction-based minigames and celebrity athletes to promote their insulted clothing line.
  • Floord is a game that aims to promote stair walking through the use of various NFC (near field communication) chips that log the amount of floors users walk.

Do you have any more examples we don’t? Feel free to submit your knowledge to our GBase here! All GBase submitters will also receive something special too!


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