New Examples of Gamification Added to the GBase – July 11, 2012

New Examples of Gamification Added to the GBase – July 11, 2012


Hello GCo Readers! Just to remind you all: the GBase is a curated database of all new and existing examples of gamification. The best part is that if you know of any companies that feature gamification, you can submit it and we will feature it in this ongoing series of new GBase additions.

This week, we have three interesting examples of user-submitted gamification added to the GBase for social good, health, and marketing:

  • Youtopia is a dynamic gamification system is designed to incite students, employees and volunteers to find the time, motivation, and the pathways to improve our schools, our companies, and our community
  • Goalpost  is a 12-week game that harnesses the power of social media connecting people who want to quit, with supporters and friends who help keep them on track with tasks, challenges and rewards.
  • A for ALDO is a 2011 marketing campaign utilizing Instagram pictures to engage users in a small quiz to determine their personality type and a corresponding ALDO fragrance.

Think we’re missing something? Feel free to suggest more examples of gamification you would like to see in the future in the comments!


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